Prayer To Discern What Is Hidden

Let my cry come before you, O Lord; give me understanding according to your word!  Let my plea come before you; deliver me according to your word.  Psalm 119:169-170

‘Give me understanding’ ~ to finally realize, have skill with concepts, perceive with accuracy.


​I have a huge decision to make, Lord.  I know in my spirit that something is wrong with a certain situation, Lord.  I have no peace in my spirit.  The weight of indecision is crushing me.  When I think about it, I can find what appears to be righteous but is it all a smokescreen?  Is it really of Your kingdom or is it all unrighteousness?  I know that the evil one is good at masking what is unholy. My discernment can be skewed.  May it not be!

​God, I cry out for understanding.  I need to come to a divine realization about what is really happening.  I need to be skillful with the concepts of the kingdom in order to diagnose it correctly.  I need to perceive what is in front of my eyes with Your wisdom.  Help me see behind all the posturing and pretension.

​I am grateful beyond words that my cries are not made in vain.  They do not dissipate into thin air.  They come directly to You and You listen compassionately.  You are vested in every care that concerns me.  You love the prayers of Your children.  You take pleasure in answering and giving wisdom to those who seek it.  I am the seeker today.  I am the one pleading for deliverance from what is elusive and obscure.

​Let the truth come forth as arrows coming to my heart.  Let me rejoice in the relief that truth brings.  Melt away the stress of indecision.  Put an end to the wrestling that has plagued me day and night.  Bring deliverance and then give me the courage to act on whatever truth You reveal.  I am bold because I stand as one loved, and as one holy, in Your presence. All because of Jesus.

Let my soul live and praise You, and let Your rules help me.  Psalm 119:175   In Jesus name, Amen

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One thought on “Prayer To Discern What Is Hidden

  1. In my past indecision was the paralysis of fear that gripped my life. I could not shake it. Then God led my wife and I to ballroom dance.

    Our teacher was a former world champion ballroom dancer from South Africa. He was a brutal slave driver and we loved him. As we danced I would frequently get into a corner and freeze because I couldn’t make up my mind. The first few times I did this our teacher gently took me aside and explained that this was simply an emotional block. I could make the decision but was simply afraid to do so because I was more concerned about making a mistake and looking foolish than I was about dancing. So I went back on the floor and started again. Our teacher was tolerant for a couple more mistakes and then he decided enough was enough. When I would stop he would bellow out across the floor so everyone could hear “MAKE A DECISION”. I was mortified but I tell you something, I made the decision. :) In fact over time I forgot about what other people felt, I just wanted to keep dancing (and avoid hearing “MAKE A DECISION”) ;)

    I still remember that time with fondness. Now when I don’t know what to do, instead of stopping I simply keep moving. Yep, I might not have all the answers. Yep, I might make a mistake but you know what, at least I will have moved forward. God has told me more than once, it is far easier to steer a moving ship than one that is sitting still.

    Homer Les

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