Turn my eyes away from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.  Psalm 119:37

Do I really want the idols in my life exposed for what they are?  Do I want their glitter removed?

I remember how eye-opening it was to sell our last house.  While we lived there, the blessing of God was over our home.  It felt like a haven of peace stepping into it.  If there were cracks in the wall or peeling wallpaper, no one seemed to notice because of the pervasive sense of God’s presence.  Once everything was packed up and rooms were empty, I felt like the spiritual veneer peeled off the walls. What was left was a tired old house.  It had no appeal.  Some may argue that what I was viewing was the difference between a house with furniture and an empty one.  I disagree.  God’s presence was simply moving with us to a new state and a new home.  Our daughter was the one, on a last walkthrough the house, to point this out to our family.  How spiritually intuitive she was.

This ‘peeling away of the veneer’ can happen to my idols too.  If my desire is sincere for God to remove my appetite for worthless things, then He has a way of revealing their empty nature.  I will wake up one day to the realization that what was life-giving to me no longer appears that way.  It just doesn’t satisfy anymore.  It might even be  repulsive.

I had a time in my life when God stripped me bare of all my props.  One at a time, they were exposed, then removed.  It felt cruel, like God was a withholding God.  Yet, He was doing the kindest possible thing by removing the very things which were veiling His beauty and His worth.  He wanted me to discover that He could, and should, be my treasure.  All other people and things are a bonus.

I may be praying for loved ones today who are addicted to things which are destroying them.  “God expose their idols.  Show them truth.  Peel away the enemy’s makeup from their veneer.” God honors that prayer.

Lord, I know that when I die, I will take two things with me.  People and Your Word.  Put everything in order in my heart.  Amen

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