It may not be what you think.  What I teach is not how to prepare a prayer map for a city, town or geographical region.  That is referred to as  simply ‘prayer mapping’.  People target a specific area, divide it into sections and then individuals or groups pray for these territories. Sometimes prayer walking is included in this process.  What I teach is an individualized kind of prayer mapping, not having to do with territories.

God has been equipping me for a long time to morph this familiar concept called Prayer Mapping and restructure it from a concept associated with land masses to something related to the individual person; from a prayer strategy for geographical regions to a prayer strategy customized for the inner life of an individual.

In 2005,  Personalized Prayer Mapping was born.  Since then, I have been teaching men and women how to look inside themselves and others from a spiritual vantage point. Scriptural principles become our grid, the Holy spirit our counselor and guide, enabling us to diagnose our own spiritual diseases.  We identify those places that are impeding our spiritual growth and freedom and then work with those individual fragments in prayer.  In counseling or in listening prayer, an issue is isolated and then dealt with.  In prayer mapping, many issues are targeted at once and the results are staggering.  Oftentimes, one well-constructed prayer map can do, in six months, what would take a counseling process years.

Simply put ~ A personalized prayer map consists of pieces of information about the inner life of the soul; clues that are then able to be redirected to spiritual strategy.  This process is entirely and utterly dependent on supernatural wisdom in order to produce a series of prayer strategies that are Spirit-led and, as a result, effective.    


  1. I have never heard about this until now. I want to say thank you. I will put it to work right away.

    Thank you
    Linda Piker

  2. Hello Christine- I took your prayer mapping class some years back all the way up in Albany, NY (I live in Columbus, Ohio). I would like a refresher course so I am wondering if you have a schedule of workshops planned. God bless you! -Amy Densmore

  3. Christine – do you have a study course that we can purchase to teach our women. We would love to “arm” our women in the church with the strategies that you taught us at The Billy Graham Cove a few weeks ago. We would also love to attend your “full length seminar” and would love to have your schedule so that we can plan to attend. The Billy Graham Cove session was a one day seminar.

  4. Christine, thank-you for this post. I have been wanting to learn about personal prayer mapping when I heard that you were teaching it in January,2010 at the retreat in North Carolina. I am unable to attend this time unfortunately. I know that I need this kind of organization with my praying. I am all over the map so to speak. Are there any options to which you can direct me until I can arrange to hook up with you at a retreat somewhere? I believe that what you say is true. I feel called to pray this way for myself and my loved ones and whoever else God brings into my life. Please give me some education and/or direction on this. coermann53

    1. Thanks for your question. I am praying for you, even as I write this, that you will be able to attend a Prayer Mapping Event. God has not led me to write a book about this, nor record the sessions. It is custom designed to be interactive, for small groups of 25-50. I can promise you this. The concept of personalized prayer mapping will forever change the way you pray, and forever change the results of your praying. Until we connect in person, I would direct you to the classic book called INTERCESSORY PRAYER by Dutch Sheets. Christine

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