I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set your rules before me.  Psalm 119:30

Following Jesus must be a deliberate choice.  Faithfulness to Him, to our love relationship, will not be possible unless I set His Word in front of me.  I must keep my eyes set on the path, heart set on the Word.  Just because I have His Spirit inside of me doesn’t mean that I don’t have to do my part. His Spirit deeply desires to influence my every decision but that won’t happen without some spiritual grit.

At conversion, His Word came to me as in imperishable seed.  Seeds must be watered, fed, tended – in order to grow to a place of stature and fruitfulness.  Otherwise my soul, bent toward old behaviors, old desires, and fleshly thinking patterns, will not be aware of the seed.  It will be nearly impossible for me to walk in the way of faithfulness if I starve my spirit (where the seed lives) and nurture my soul.

It’s amazing how shallow my daily goals can be.  “I must be more patient with my children.”  “I will eat more healthy today.”  “I will try to minimize television time in order to be more a balanced Christian.” Yet, the most important daily goal gets lost in the minutia, by comparison.  Nothing is more important than to immerse myself in the Word, even just a verse or two, asking God to write it on my heart.  As I meditate on scripture, it challenges me to intentionally set those principles before me eyes.  Only then, will I have the greatest chance of walking in them.

No wonder I hang inspirational art in my home, verses inscribed in calligraphy.  No wonder I make an investment in bible study software.  No wonder there are 3×5 cards on a window sill with scriptures that target my fears.  The deliberate feeding of my spirit and the simultaneous taming of my soul will allow me to walk in faithfulness.  Not by accident but by design.

One Word today, Lord.  I’ll walk in it.  Tomorrow, another.  After a year, we’ll have a history of walking together.  I know I will be so different by then, choices made a day at a time.  I’m resolved.  Amen

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