You rebuke the insolent, accursed ones, who wander from your commandments.  Psalm 119:21

David had been slandered by a king, betrayed by his friends, even scorned by his family.  He had seen firsthand what happens to those who are so attached to the ways of their own heart that they choose that path over the ways of God.

David had seen men fall by the sword.  He had seen Saul rebuked by God’s prophet and lose heaven’s anointing.  One thing was firm in David’s mind ~ the only way to live is by God’s commandments.

I can trace the many ways I have gone by my own rudder in this life and paid dearly.  To embrace my own thoughts above God’s thoughts is to forget that my mind is not my own.  God made it.  He should direct it.  To embrace my own desires above God’s desires for me is to forget that he fashioned my unique personality.  He created it so He should direct my calling.

Yet, everyday I am tempted to think that I have a right to my own thoughts, beliefs, cravings, and dreams.  In my arrogance, I run my life and believe I’m doing a pretty good job of it.  The illusion only lasts so long until I am humbled by failure.  The rebuke, often nothing more than the consequences of my choices, inflicts a nasty wound.

To stick to the narrow path and refuse to wander means choosing the lonely road.  Few will be on it with me.  Those who live their lives outside of a relationship with Jesus are insolent, demanding their own way.  Pride dies hard and for many, it never dies.  They spend a lifetime denying their need and rejecting the lordship of Christ for their lives.  For them comes Jesus’ harsh words and ultimate condemnation.

You speak, I choose to obey.  First time obedience, too.  No more hearing, thinking, doing my own thing, then coming back sorry.  Amen

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