I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart.  Psalm 119:32

Plodding along, grinding out obedience to God is not any way to live.  I did it for more than three decades.  It’s exhausting and it’s hollow.  One can sustain the pace for quite a while as long as life stays relatively trouble free.  Let the trials come and things come crashing down pretty quickly.

Completely opposite of what I used to believe, soaring in this Christian life is not gained by knowing more, but by feeling more.  An enlarged heart is what facilitates joyful obedience.  The most important thing I can pray when studying the scriptures is, “Make my heart alive to You and Your Word.” Loving God and the Word that reveals Him is my secret source of energy.

The biggest complaint of women I encounter is the sense of their heart being numb to the things of God.  They know a lot but feel little.  I sympathize with that, having lived that way so long.  My advice ~ go back to where you lost your feelings.  Some disappointment ran your heart underground.  Some unexpressed grief cut the lines of emotion.  Some lie, or series of lies, killed your trust in God.  Ask God to help you find the root.  Do this, while simultaneously, asking God to heal your heart and restore what you lost through the power of His Word.

The Word heals.  The Word exposes the lies we embraced in our pain and disappointment.  The Word tells us the truth and builds a new foundation of trust.  And, the Word brings a once dormant heart to one capable of depth and feeling.

Today, I can be alive to God, running instead of limping.

I am so grateful for my feelings of love for You.  I love trembling at Your Word.  Continue to enlarge my heart beyond what I even think possible.  Amen

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