A New Foundation

Blue DaisiesDear Sister,

It’s taken me many years to discover some things about my rich spiritual history and birthright.  Until I embraced it as mine, my life’s ‘house’ was constructed with some destitute building materials. Because I had not seized the meaning of my spiritual adoption and understood the full ramifications of God’s radical love for me, I worked for His approval.  I labored too long in a travail that took its toll. It was self-abusive.  I’m learning about my Father’s level of grief over the ways I suffered needlessly.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve not known much about His grace. Living the ‘victorious Christian life’ meant “impeccable performance”.  Now, I know it means, “living life loved”. Continue reading “A New Foundation”


Dear Sister,

Now that I understand that I am a dearly loved child of Abba, it feels safe to be me.  I see myself through His eyes. I actually like me, the person He created.  Because of that, I can dream without worrying He might think my fantasies are too outrageous.  I can create with wild abandon and sense His delight.

As I allow Him to liberate the child inside, once shriveled and hiding because of life on earth, He is unveiling a breathtaking panorama of color.  My world is no longer beige.  I am alive to new appetites.  Truths that were once lifeless now empower a new way of living. Continue reading “WHAT IT MEANS TO COME HOME”