Dear Sister,

Now that I understand that I am a dearly loved child of Abba, it feels safe to be me.  I see myself through His eyes. I actually like me, the person He created.  Because of that, I can dream without worrying He might think my fantasies are too outrageous.  I can create with wild abandon and sense His delight.

As I allow Him to liberate the child inside, once shriveled and hiding because of life on earth, He is unveiling a breathtaking panorama of color.  My world is no longer beige.  I am alive to new appetites.  Truths that were once lifeless now empower a new way of living.

I have watched myself emerge into an adult with a childlike heart.  I know that I can live resiliently in God’s kingdom.  The secret?   I know how to go home and heal, daily, from the ravages of life in a world where God is not yet acknowledged as King.

Ah, home.  The place I don’t have to dress up, sit up straight, or say the right things to impress anyone.  Spending time with the One who cherishes me restores my heart.  His love language renews me.

Dear one, your Father calls you home, too.  He invites you to come to the place where you can be yourself, take your shoes off, and curl up in your favorite chair.  Visit often.  He wants to sing you His songs and tell you His stories.  Discovering His perspective will change the way you live your life, forever.


  1. I just read what I wrote yesterday, later journaling… “Maybe what Christine describes in her blog to “Sisters” is not meant for me. Maybe this is my “thorn”. Maybe the dream I had many years ago, where Jesus says to me, “My dear Child, give your all…” is how He wants me to connect with Him… with no thought of myself, my comfort or my perceived human needs…like the Song of St. Francis. I realize that Jesus walked through life with no thought of Himself, His comfort, His needs. I now look at my response differently. I will put this into God’s perspective…His loving Hands and His heart. I have realized, almost overnight, that God is with me always and it is when I share His love that I feel His presence and arms around me. Thank-you Christine for your perspective and willingness to share your walk with God.

  2. How I wish that this could be true for me. I can envision it in another, I can tell another, believing with all of my heart that this is true…for I feel this tremendous love filling my heart as the words that I know as truth come from my mouth to another’s ears. I haven’t met this incredible love that sometimes resides in me. I have been unable to call to it and bask in His presence at will. I quietly wait… The sorrow that I feel from pain too intense to verbalize crys out to be held, to be consistent. It seems that the only time that I sense His presence is when I am focusing on another…and maybe this is the way that God wants it for me, for I am His servant, I am His tool…to use as He wishes.

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