Category: Allegories

A Cabin, Jesus and Me

I'm tired and drained to the core. I'm searching inside for a place of rest and when I close my eyes I can see it clearly. A log cabin, secluded in the mountains, with a gurgling stream making its presence known nearby. I can see … Continue reading A Cabin, Jesus and Me

The Signet Ring

Standing in the mountain of ashes that represented what was left of her life’s work, it appeared to the woman as if it amounted to nothing.  She was deeply fatigued and cynical.  Disappointed with her Father who stood nearby, she cried,  “Who ARE you that … Continue reading The Signet Ring

The Black Puzzle

The spotlight is bright and invasive.  It intrudes without invitation on the poor child who labors beneath its heat.  She wipes her brow in fatigue, conscious of the audience who watches her superhuman effort.  She is used to the pressure.  She is a child resigned … Continue reading The Black Puzzle

The Well

There was a magic well and people traveled far and wide to visit it.  Legend goes that when you got near the well, you could hear the rushing water at the bottom of the cavern.  It was black, scary because of its rushing water sound.  … Continue reading The Well