The Well

1532684463_f1a2e65e5eThere was a magic well and people traveled far and wide to visit it.  Legend goes that when you got near the well, you could hear the rushing water at the bottom of the cavern.  It was black, scary because of its rushing water sound.  But, when you ‘took a drink’ from it, it offered the miracle of whatever you needed.

There was a man who couldn’t speak but he got his voice back and for a short time, he could talk and tell his story.

There was another man who couldn’t hear but then got his hearing back and could stand there with his eyes closed and hear the birds, hear the sound of the water, and bask in world of sounds.

There was a little girl who always dreamt of singing, and after going to the well, opened her mouth and heard beautiful notes come out.

A bitter old woman, who had lost all hope, climbed the hill to the well and as she began to just hear the water, she could feel hope returning.  For a time, she knew what it was to be strong in spirit.

One by one, people came because word spread.  For generations, the well was visited and was much loved.  People preserved the pathway that led to the well, and the stone exterior OF the well, when they came to worship the water.

One day, everything changed.  Sound, coming from the well disappeared.  When children went to investigate, a man sat on the side of the well.  He kept telling them one thing, “The water is not gone”. But when they looked in, there was NO sound of water at all.  People began to grieve over their perceived loss of the miracle giving water.

Finally, a small child looked up into the face of the man and said, “Do you have any water?” Ah, that day everything changed.

The man WAS the water.  He held everything in his power.  People finally understood him when he said, “He who comes to me will never thirst again.”

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