The Impact Of Something Brought To Light

[The hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time] and which now at his appointed season he has brought to light through the preaching entrusted to me by the command of God our Savior.  Titus 1:3

Whether I’m watching the news or overhearing a conversation, and I hear this ~ “Guess what was just brought to light?” ~ I take notice enough to stop what I’m doing.  I know that something that has been hidden has now been revealed.  Something unknown has become known.  Something concealed can no longer stay concealed.  What is it?  Human nature wants to know. 

The hope of eternal life, promised before time, had been ‘brought to light’ somehow.  Certainly, Paul knew that Jesus promised the hope of eternal life.  It was a historical, biblical truth.  Certainly, Paul knew that God had promised this dating back to the time He began revealing Himself to Abraham.  Yet, there was something about all this that caused him to say that ‘it’ had been brought to light.

Isn’t this our collective experience as well?  The hope of eternal life is just a fact, not extremely personal, until someone we love dies.  The need to know that death is not the end is urgent to our soul.  Eternal life takes on such importance.  We find ourselves thinking of heaven far more often.  We wonder what our loved one felt when they stepped over the threshold.  We wonder if they look as they did in their prime – only better.  We wonder what their reaction was when they saw Jesus.  Would we not say, “Eternal life, and everything it means, has been brought to light.”

Nothing of the kingdom, or of Jesus, becomes precious to us until it is life-saving.  Until then, it’s only interesting and heartwarming.  This is one reason to rejoice in our trials today.  Things of heaven can be ‘brought to light’ by the Spirit of God.  Our eyes can see nuances formerly unseen to our distracted souls.  Promises made long ago by a God who spoke them liberally jump off the page and we cling to them as lifelines.  Their relevance is ‘brought to light.’

What dark moment are you going through today that could offer you new spiritual eyesight?  What might be in the dark that God would allow you to see today because your great need opens the doorway to deeper truth?  May it be.

Let there be light, Lord. Amen

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