It Is No Lie

. . in the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time.  Titus 1:2

My hope is a certainty.  I don’t just ‘hope that things will work out.’  I know they will.  The One who promises it is holy and incapable of lying.  He has all power to bring it about.

Is not this hope, planted in our hearts through the entrance of the Gospel, everything?  The darker things are here, the tighter we cling to hope. We can see the beauty of it with our spirit eyes, even now.

  • Pandemics ~ There will be an end to unseen viruses and variants.
  • Earthquakes ~ There will be an end to this shaking. 
  • Fires ~ There will be an end to all consuming flames.
  • Taliban ~ There will be a reckoning and a judgement for oppressors.
  • Corruption ~ There will be accountability for evildoers who believe they are beyond the law.
  • Conspiracies ~ There will be an end to falsehoods.  Truth will reign.
  • Uncertainty ~ There will be an end to fear of the future.  The perfection we wake up to will last forever.

What part of the global news haunts you the most?  If in Christ, you live in the hope of eternal life.  Whatever that disturbing piece of news is, it’s temporary. 

When did Christ promise this hope?  Not when things began to deteriorate.  Not when He began to see human suffering.  He promised it before the beginning of time.  Before the Garden.  Before the Fall. Before He was unwanted by His creation.  Our Father, God, conceived of an eternity that He would share with loved ones.  He knew He wouldn’t hoard it for Himself.  He didn’t envision a table set for one.  There would be a banquet table reserved for those with whom He had a relationship. 

All things bright and beautiful are coming.  It is being prepared, still.  God spoke the promise long ago and it is just as much His passion today as it was the moment He first uttered the words.

Though the beauty will defy words, my spirit already senses the hope of perfection.  The earth is groaning and my soul is longing.  Amen

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