Listening To Inner Regrets

For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.  Romans 8:2

Why do we require it of ourselves? If our self-talk were to become audible for all to hear, we would shock those around us. They would hear us call ourselves idiots. They would hear us declare ourselves hopeless losers. They’d hear us lament that our sins are simply unforgiveable. They’d witness us calling ourselves liars, thieves, immoral men or women, disappointments to those who love us, and people who have no chance at a real future. This kind of self-talk is a death sentence to joy. We can’t lift our heads enough to look up.

Self-hatred didn’t originate with us. Satan accused us first before our Father in heaven. But, Jesus silenced him and reminded him that we have been forgiven and have been made perfect. Unsuccessful, Satan then came to us with the same accusations but we failed to silence him with the same truth. His labels and pronouncements stuck and our joy was stolen.

My friends, there is a cure for regret. There is a cure for crippling guilt. There is a cure for self-loathing. It’s embracing the truth that my sins no longer belong to me! They were given to Jesus 2,000 years ago. Is Jesus laid low today with the weight of them? Heavens no. After paying dearly for them, He declared that the sacrifice was finished. Right now, He is in heaven rejoicing that we are free. Why in the world should we be depressed and weighed down? It’s all based on a lie.

For every one today who suffers for nothing, remind them through Your Spirit that we are forgiven. We are free. We are loved. We are dressed in Your perfection. Amen

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