Build The Bridge Of Friendship

‘Build the bridge of friendship strong enough to support the truth.’

Jesus said, “The world will know you are my disciples if you have love one for another.” When unbelievers see us loving each other when it’s costly, when there is little appreciation, when the journey is long and complicated, they sit up and take notice. We become aware of what it meant when Jesus spoke of being ‘salt’ and ‘light’. It’s more than saying the right words. While that’s important, our speech has to lay against the backdrop of love.

Those who watch us love others like Jesus have to admit that this kind of love is unnatural. Who loves like that? They reason, most likely, that God may be alive and well after all. They simply can not explain the consistency and grace as someone being a really nice person. Especially if they see example after example and it’s coming from within a community of believers. And if they are the ones receiving our supernatural love and care, what an open door to lead them to the perfect love of Jesus! Love constrains. It is not God’s power and might that draw sinners, it’s His love. God could easily force people to worship Him, and one day He will, but for now ~ it is His love that reaches and draws us close. If we prioritize the spiritual skills we intend to strengthen this year, learning to love others well would yield the highest return for our labor. With our acts of love, we build a bridge that will support the truth. When it comes to loving unbelievers, they are never more open than when they are broken. The window of opportunity may be short. Which of the twelve skills might be the right one for today? Personalize. Apply. And always pray first.

* Would you like a PDF of this entire series? Perhaps you’d like to have it for a printout – to share with others. Here is a link.

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