I’m Not Used To Inexhaustible Supplies

From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.  John 1:16 NLT

When there is a terrific sale on something popular, it doesn’t take long for the shelves to empty.  When a vaccine is scarce, we are seeing firsthand the long lines of people waiting to get this lifesaving intervention.  But the supply isn’t there yet.  

All things valuable are not available to everyone.  Either money, or accessibility, or supply is limited.  Oh, but not so with who Jesus is and what He offers to anyone who asks.  As much as I might ask for today, I can ask for twice as much tomorrow.  There is no apology needed for whatever large amounts I might need. I am not taking it away from the next person who asks.  I am not draining the One, Jesus, who gives it.  

Jesus is Living Water and He pours out a stream of blessings that flows endlessly.  The tragedy is that this life-giving flow comes to the door of everyone’s heart.  For many reasons, some never open it.  It doesn’t have to be a rejection of Jesus that always keeps these blessings at bay.  It might be a child of God that simply refuses to receive because of a huge sense of unworthiness.  What a tragedy.  

In this time of emotional and physical challenges, and with the time afforded to me to think about things like this particular scripture, it would be so beneficial for me to start making a mental list today of what blessings John might be referring to.  Where I usually start is with the tangible but that would be a mistake.  Jesus has offered me Himself first.  He is the gift.   Here’s the start of my list ~ 

I’m not invisible to Him. 

He looks at me compassionately.

He has mercy on my sin.

He offers forgiveness.

He made me perfect. 

At the mention of His name, He immediately answers ~ ‘Yes, what do you need?’

What a Savior.  What a Savior of abundance. 

You, Jesus, are the Storehouse of blessings.  Amen

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