He’s Absolutely Perfect

He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness.  And we have seen His glory…full of grace and truth.  John 1:14

The better we get to know someone, the more their true self becomes apparent.  Just ask newlyweds who are discovering that the honeymoon is over because their two carnal natures are colliding.  What transpires beyond this point reveals the extent of their character and commitment. 

John knew Jesus well.  He ate with him and lived in His company for three years.  He watched Jesus under stress and beheld Him under the eye of criticism. He saw his responses to false accusations.  He saw the perfect blend of meekness and courage.  The honeymoon stage passed by and John got to know Jesus more and more intimately.  Instead of discovering that He had a carnal nature, he saw example after example of the glory of Jesus’ perfection!  Ah, it is this that makes me run unafraid into a deeper relationship with Him.  I know I won’t ever be disappointed. 

Jesus revealed Himself to us as gracious and truthful.  Having benefitted by both, He sent us out into the world to speak as He did, framing the Gospel message with both grace and truth.  If we weigh in with one more than the other, it’s no longer His Gospel. It certainly doesn’t feel like good news anymore. 

I recall times when I saw grace but no truth.  Sin abounded and compassion excused it.  I also experienced the opposite when truth was declared but it was void of grace.  In that environment, people became the masters of disguise, rarely bearing each other’s burdens for fear of condemnation.  The joy of supporting one another with prayers and tears was missed out on entirely.  

Jesus, my mandate is clear ~ to go forth and gift wrap Your gospel with both grace and truth.  I won’t fail to blend it correctly if Your Spirit fills me. Amen

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