Sorting Out This Mess

On Saturday night, I lay in bed and stared into the darkness. I was weary, worn out by the continuing drama that is unfolding across our world. I’ve heard it said that all of us should limit our exposure to the news to just one hour a day. We simply aren’t made to handle more than that lest the stress impair us on many levels. We were made for the Garden, not for this. We were created to thrive in an atmosphere of perfect holiness and exhilarating worship, not to have to strategize on how to survive in growing chaos.
As I continued to lay there, I was aching to pray but I didn’t know what exactly. Slipping out of bed, I went in the other room and said to Father God, “Don’t let me get dull. Don’t let me numb out to the most important things. Don’t let me get more worked up about the headlines than I am worked up about a world not knowing you. Don’t let me care more about who wins the election in November than I care about storing away your Word in my Spirit.”
It’s easy to look for things that will take us away from our present realities. For Ron and myself, it’s plunging into the History channel. We are tempted to binge on WWII documentaries and movies on Winston Churchill. We love them and they take us to another time. Nonetheless, the benefit of escaping the present is shortsighted if streaming programs eclipses what I would have gained if I’d taken half that time to fill my spirit with the only thing that matters, the Word of God. When life is over, it won’t matter to me – or to any of us – what unfolded with COVID, or the election, or the lawlessness in the streets of Portland or Washington, D.C. What will thrill our souls then, and now, are the scriptures that promise to tremble in our hands if we cry out to the Spirit to awaken us to the Divine Life they carry, Jesus ~ the Word.
So starting now, I am going to spend the next month in the greatest chapter in all of scripture. Romans Eight. Not only will I live in it, but I am determined to memorize it. Undoubtedly, it will mean writing it out many times over to make it stick but in the end, I will take Romans 8 with me wherever I go. I won’t need to have my Bible or any smart device to recall the verses because the chapter will be inside of me. Simmering. Working. Changing me. Focusing the eyes of my spirit.
Will you pray about joining me? Will you step out of the madness into the calm, out of the chaos and into the perfectly ordered world of the Spirit. The Father is setting the table. His Spirit is crafting strategic arrows that will speak to each of us. There will be a word from God and our private worlds will shake with the implications. If ever we needed to see with spirit eyes into heaven’s realm, the one to which we belong, it’s now.

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3 thoughts on “Sorting Out This Mess

  1. Yes, I will be right with you & God through Romans 8. I just finished the last verses but ready to go again. And, yes, Father God please awaken in me your Spirit no matter how exhausted, discouraged, over it I become with the world as it is. Thnak-you. Vicki

  2. I spent a whole year in the midst of vertigo and dizziness etc memorizing Romans 8. I haven’t wanted to memorize for decades because it had been on my legalistic to do list. But all of a sudden, I had the overwhelming DESIRE to memorize Romans 8…the chapter that makes my heart SING. I finished it in March and went on to 1 Peter 5:6-11, 1 Corinthians 2:9-13. But I’ll be reviewing Romans 8 along with you all.

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