Spiritually Prosperous Teaching

The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable.  Proverbs 15:2

A gifted teacher is hard to find.  Many who feel called to be a teacher do little more than just share information.  Their words may fill the air but how much of what they say is empowered by the Divine and goes straight into a man’s spirit?  Sometimes, very little.  That’s because knowledge is more than just passing on factual information.

  • To teach successfully, I must have wisdom.  That means, personally, I have come to the end my myself and recognized how desperate I am for God’s wisdom.  Not only has God imparted it, but I learned it through obedience.
  • To teach successfully, I must know people.  I must understand the heart of a man and how he thinks, moves, and breathes with (or without) God. This begins with knowing myself.
  • To teach successfully, I must be in tune with whether or not others are connecting with me.  Blank stares, napping, and shifting in their seats…are not good signs.
  • To teach successfully, I must know when the hearts of my listeners are ready to hear the message.  There must be fertile ground for the seeds of truth to take root.  A message delivered prematurely, even though it may be expertly crafted, will be wasted.  I may as well have curled up at home with a good book.
  • To teach successfully, I must know how to hear the voice of God’s Spirit while I’m teaching.  As one who used to be chained to my notes, convinced I needed to have every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted, I am learning that God sometimes wants to tweak my messages during the actual delivery.  If I don’t know how to hear Him and don’t have the guts to follow His lead, I will live in the bondage of perfectionism and forfeit the thrill of  becoming larger than myself.
  • Finally, to teach successfully, I must have passion and urgency.  A relaxed and casual approach about critical spiritual matters don’t compel anyone to take them seriously.  I must be more than a collection of casual anecdotes.

“You make Scripture come alive,” is one of the greatest comments a teacher will ever hear.  God is looking for those who are willing to do their own rigorous heart preparation before ever taking the podium.

Becoming a Bible-scholar can not be a replacement for spending time with You, allowing You to teach me and mold me.  No agendas other than Yours, Lord.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

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2 thoughts on “Spiritually Prosperous Teaching

  1. Well said and I agree. I heard U in Philadelphia back around ’79 after a 76ers basketball game. I was holding my 2 year old who is now 40! U Christine have been a very inspirational influence in my life. Im 68 now but was in my late 20’s when first I heard Ur music. I still find it strengthening Jim Witt jwittmaplewood@gmail.com

  2. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with me. I love it, and it is helping me more than you will ever know.

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