Great peace have those who love your law, nothing can make them stumble.  Psalm 119:165

When the Spirit of God inspired these words, He used the word ‘nothing’ in the last phrase. What a promise that absolutely the worst thing imaginable can not make me stumble if I am grounded in the word.

I have been showered with emails since sharing the news of Ryan’s death yesterday.  Every single note was just right ~ so comforting and void of cliches and sermons.  Our devotional family is just amazing.  I’m so impressed by the depth of your faith and your wisdom.  You reached out in such powerful ways.

Our family, like your family, is being presented with situations every day that, if navigated without the Word and the Spirit, will end badly.  Today, my friends, we can each exhale in relief because nothing can shake loose our tranquility.  Not death, disease, persecution, and tribulation.  The love of God is not a wimpy thing because the One who offers it is the great I AM.  His arms keep us steady and surefooted in the fury of the storm.

Tormenting things happen.  But when I stand in the cement of ‘You’, nothing can make my feet slip.  Amen

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