Mourning The Loss Of Our Son

June 26, 2019

Ryan Pic

My dear devotional family,

Our family is grieving.  Ten days ago, on Fathers Day, our son Ryan lost his battle with depression.  He was a quiet soul with a gentle heart, possessed a deep love for his wife, Chantel, and together they reveled in their shared love of animals.  He was celebrated by family and friends in a memorial service last Friday and we’ve now begun our long goodbye. The day of his service was also his birthday.  He would have turned 37.

Are there parties given in heaven? Jesus preceded a great story in Luke by saying, ‘that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God when one person turns to him.’ That sounds like a celebration to me.

When a party is done right, you have family, friends, and those you love around. Ryan is with family in heaven. He is there with both sets of grandparents. He is there with his Aunt Betsy. He is there with Conrad and Ruth Jensen, an older couple who begged us for babysitting rights when he was born. Conrad, a carpenter, made Ryan his own hand carved toddler bed. It was finished off with handmade quilts and stuffed animals that Grammy made. Each grandparent welcomed him home.

I know in heaven that there is feasting and family. No pain. Only an eternity of perfection.   Yet, we will be taking an extended time to heal as a family. We would appreciate your prayers.  Glory and redemption will come because God is a good Father who wastes no pain, not even of the worst kind.

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