Am I Safe Or Not?

As it is, we do not yet see everything subjected to him. But we do see Jesus—made lower than the angels for a short time so that by God’s grace He might taste death for everyone—crowned with glory and honor because of His suffering in death.  Hebrews 2:9 

In the Gospels, we read about Jesus extensively as a person but we don’t read a detailed description of how His full authority operates.  Every single thing that is under His feet is not mentioned by name nor does it describe how subjection works.  Imagine if we could see a movie of this in all realms; mankind, nature, the animal world, even outer space.  The extent of His power would leave us floored.

But what if this story were reversed?  What if the Gospels described only His authority but then failed to tell me what He is like?  I would see a person with incredible power but wouldn’t know Him at all.  I would be in awe but not intimate.  I would be impressed but from afar.  I would be fearful with no courage to draw near.  My default response to someone with power and influence is to usually back up and peek from around a corner.

It is no mistake that the writer of Hebrews goes on to describe Jesus as someone who was made lower than the angels, someone who loved us enough to die for us before He was crowned in glory.  The miracle is that One so powerful is not into power at the expense of love.  Love was the driving force when Jesus came to us in humble fashion. He served instead of waiting to be served.  He loved and then waited for love to respond in kind.

He could have planned it all differently.  Imagine, if from the beginning, God created man and then sent an angel from on high to give mandates.  Every so often, new laws would be delivered with muscle behind it.  Man would obey but cower in fear at a God who could make life and take his life with just a word.  We would serve but not love; obey but not yearn for His presence. This forced submission would accomplish nothing for God as He created us for intimacy, companionship, and for His glory.

Jesus’ death made it safe to draw so close to Him that we would hear Him breathe. Even in the Old Testament, God uses the imagery of being tucked under His wings.  When the prophet Balaam was hired to put a curse on Israel, he refused and uttered a blessing instead.  He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide make his dwelling under the shadow of the AlmightyNumbers 24:5  Every time a Jew wrapped his tallit (shawl) around his shoulders and covered his head, it was symbolic of being under God’s wings.  Even today, when a Jewish girl marries, she gives a tallit to her fiancé, a beautiful picture of what will happen in marriage when she is tucked under His protective care.

Every living thing and every single person is in subjection to Christ either by choice, or later by force, when every knee will bow.  For each of us who choose Christ now, subjection means security.

In every way I’m afraid of You instead of in awe of You, correct the eyesight of my heart. In every way I need to draw closer, show me.  Amen 

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