My Scared, Scared Heart

For in subjecting everything to him, He left nothing that is not subject to him. As it is, we do not yet see everything subjected to him.  Hebrews 2:8

When I read some of God’s claims, I explore every possible thing I fear might disqualify me from His outrageous promises.

“I will always love you.” “Really, but what if I do the most despicable thing?  There’s got to be limits!”

“I am more powerful than anything that can hurt you.” “Really, but what about the things I’m most afraid of?  Failure, sickness, death?” 

“I will forgive all your sins.”  “Really, but I can think of a few you couldn’t possibly forgive. I worry constantly that I’m the exception.”

In today’s scripture, the writer treats the subject of Jesus’ authority like that.  He had just written these words in previous verses ~

“He put everything in subjection under His feet.”  But then he adds ~“He left nothing that is not subject to Him?” 

Can’t you hear his thoughts?  “People will wonder ~ but what about this?  Is that really under His feet too?”  Down deep, all of God’s claims seem too good to be true.  The world is a dangerous place.  Most things are more powerful than we are.  People can also be dangerous as the world  becomes unhinged.  Sin is cancerous and I can’t replace what it has eaten away.  Can I really trust that everything is in subjection under Jesus’ feet?

Each one of us has some area of our lives where it appears the enemy is winning.  The current worldview seems irreparable.  It also appears Satan is winning if I live around people who sin against me and aren’t sorry for it.  I feel that way about my own heart at times.  I want to be like Jesus and yet I often take steps backward.  What happened to Jesus’ power?

Jesus didn’t eradicate all evil when He lived here for thirty-three years.  Yes, He came to destroy the works of the devil but He did it in the lives of individuals.  He didn’t come to overthrow the Roman Empire but He overthrew demonic possession in various people and delivered others of a spirit of infirmity.  Sprinkled throughout these miracles were displays of His control over nature, too. If the fullness of time had come, He could have destroyed the Roman Empire with a look, with a breath, and it would have been no contest.

Make no mistake.  “One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Romans 14:11 For now, there is a timeline that is under the feet of Jesus.  We are afflicted, yes, and Paradise has not yet been restored to this earth.  Ah, but the power of sin has been broken for everyone who repents, gives his life to Christ, and lives through the indwelling power of the Spirit.  Paradise, dwelling with God, is mine now.  “The kingdom is here now,” Jesus said.

Oh Jesus, You are biding Your time until all the world sees Your power on full display and bows to Your authority.  For now, I see it.  I bow.  I believe.  The power of sin that once held me captive is under Your feet and I am seated with You in heavenly places.  To You be all glory and honor.  Amen

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