Momentary Provision

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.  John 21:12

Jesus never ceases to surprise me.  As soon as I think I have him pictured in my mind as a divine rabbi, public teacher, compassionate minister, and defender of the truth, he appears in a new way.  Today he is a culinary host.

Jesus is making breakfast for his disciples.  They are famished after a night of fishing.  Were it not for his guidance as to where they should drop their nets, they would have no food at all.

It has been a long night.  They are cold, wet, and weary.  Can you imagine how wonderful it is for them to not only see Jesus alive and well but also to smell the aroma of fish cooking over an open fire?  His care is tender and practical.

The resurrected Jesus is still alive today.  I know that in my head but my heart is still surprised when he shows up and offers me a spiritual meal.  Every morning, he calls my name.  “Christine, breakfast is ready.”  He prepares the right amount of nourishment for the day.  As soon as I catch the aroma of his meal, then close my eyes to inhale deeply, I find that I am ravenous.  Everything he creates appeals to my senses.

Though today’s banquet was more than satisfying, I have to admit that I will be hungry again tomorrow. Living here on earth takes its toll.  I am easily depleted, needing daily infusions of wisdom, love, and grace.  I can’t generate the I need on my own.  There’s no need to panic, though.  Jesus will still be tending the fire.  I can smell the fragrance of his provision.

There is no friend like you, Jesus.  You have anticipated my need for spiritual food and have already provided it.  I just need to sit down and eat.  Amen

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