Daughters of Promise

Jesus said, “It is finished.” With That, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.  John 19:30

Every climb a mountain?  The first part is often easy as you walk miles along flat terrain until the ascent begins.  The end usually requires supernatural effort as you push your muscles beyond their accustomed limits.  Standing at the summit, you declare victoriously, “I did it!”

There’s exhilaration over what you’ve accomplished.

Jesus finished the redemptive work when he spoke the words, “It is finished.” Heaven was exhilarated.  God prepared for his Son’s homecoming!  There was nothing more to be done to accomplish our salvation.  A spotless Lamb was needed to atone for sin, and Jesus was the only one qualified.  Our efforts are nullified though our relationship to sinful Adam corrupted our genetic makeup.

I once treated Jesus’ death as though it were insufficient, even though he stated otherwise.  I worked zealously to make my contribution to the redemptive cause.  I thought I could make it more complete.  I declared some of my worst acts unforgivable and refused to believe Jesus when he said, “You’re fully forgiven.  Dance with joy!”  Seeing myself as guilty, I labored feverishly to earn the rest of my salvation. I burned out for the cause of Christ, believing that he required it of me so my sin would be paid in full.  What a tragedy.  Radical forgiveness and complete restoration was mine to embrace.

You did it all, Jesus. You died so I wouldn’t have to.  Your blood was payment for all my sins and I was meant to walk out of sins’s prison as a free woman.  Amen

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