Knees To The Earth


And Joseph saw the third generation of Ephraim’s sons; [they] were born on Joseph’s knees. Genesis 50:23

Then Joseph removed them from his knees, and be bowed himself with his face to the earth. Exodus 48:1 

         Ron and I are blessed enough to have my two grandsons nearby. I was there at the time of, or just after, their births. What priceless moments they were, as I witnessed the beginning of two new lives and imagined, with spiritual imagination, what they would be in the hands of a powerful God.

         Joseph’s great grandsons were born near to him and placed on his knees, a sign of ownership and investment. Just after blessing them, he lowered himself prostrate to the earth as a way of consecrating them to God.

         How much heart and soul do I invest in the lives of my children and grandchildren? More and more as I get older. When they sleep under my roof, it begs an invitation to go in and pray over them, then speak scripture over them. The cries before God seem to have a theme. “Remember them. Keep them close to You. Reveal Yourself to them. Teach them to hear Your voice. Deliver them from all evil. Make them wise as Daniels. Fashion their tongues to be sharp swords of Your truth.” How will they prosper in this darkening world without investments of prayer on their behalf?

         Oh, and at bedtime, I would not trade the spiritual conversations we have. Their questions are so creative and wonder-filled. I often wonder what happens to us as we age. Where did that priceless curiosity about all things of God’s kingdom go? I hear my grandsons talk. God is described as the ‘lion from Narnia’. Lost people are characterized by those ‘still under the curse from the Garden of Eden.’ Both boys get it. They’re spiritual diagnostic skills are honed and sharp.

         ‘Knees to the earth’ is the needed posture of all who raise children. It is an acknowledgement that complete and utter dependence on God is needed to grow a child who reveres God and is passionate to know His heart. I am not clever enough. I am not eloquent enough to birth anything lasting in their spirits. All that children are ~ only God sees. All that children are to become ~ only God knows. Bending each of them in the right direction will only be possible as I listen to my Father, the One who gives insight and direction about my offspring.

Teach me how to pray, Holy Spirit, for the lives of my children’s children. Then teach me how to walk my faith before them in living color. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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