Coincidence or Not?


Then Jacob went on his journey and came to the land of the people of the east. Genesis 29:1

         Jacob is about to meet the woman he will marry. And, it will happen at a well. So many significant spiritual moments happen at wells in the Bible. Divine appointments occur there. Treaties are made there. Revelations of God are discovered there. And it was there that Jesus disclosed His identity as the Messiah to a Samaritan woman.

         The people who came to a well never knew they were entering a divine moment. It seemed so normal to each of them. Scripture often says, “He happened upon a well…” yet God had woven circumstances together to make that moment pivotal to that person’s future.

         There are no coincidences in the life of God’s child. None. The steps of a righteous man and woman are ordered by the Lord. God describes His sovereignty in terms of steps, not miles. Every step is under His providence.

         I’m often asked a question that begins with, “Do you think it’s significant that…..?” My answer is always yes. Events are connected. A meeting with a stranger is loaded with implications because it was planned by God. When I chalk something up to coincidence and fail to prayerfully explore the meaning behind a seemingly common event, I am missing out.

         How many planes have I missed but later understood that I got to meet someone I wouldn’t have otherwise met. Or, I crossed paths with four people from Houston in the course of a week and then asked God if I was to be praying for a ministry opportunity in Houston. Some would say this is reading too much into everything but I’ve lived long enough to have disproved that. I’ve arrived at a life principle from my experiences with God. Without prayerful exploration of something that turns my head in wonderment, I miss kingdom .

         This is one of the reasons Jesus said to pray without ceasing. He also said that He did nothing without God’s nudging. That tells me that Jesus was talking about every single day’s event with His Father. He thought nothing was coincidence.

The day is in front of me. With You orchestrating my life, no day is without significance to my future. Amen

Journal Question: Would you be willing to pray for God to re-invent the opportunities you missed? Things you wrote off as insignificant?

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