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And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it!  Genesis 28:12

         Jacob is on his way to find a wife in Paddam Haran while also fleeing the wrath of Esau who might take revenge on the brother who stole his birthright.  On the way, he stops to sleep.  He has a dream.  Earth is connected to heaven by a passageway, a ladder of sorts.  On it, angels are going back and forth between the two worlds.

         What strikes me is that the verse doesn’t say angels came down – and then went up.  It reveals that angels first went up – then came back down.  It reveals that angels dwell among us, seeing to our needs, and they are here by God’s orders.   They go up from our presence and they come back with more direction from God’s throne.

         So much is happening in the supernatural and when I fail to ask for awareness of God’s kingdom, I can miss what God might show me with spiritual eyes.  He is the same God who promised that in the end times, He would give dreams and visions.  (Joel 2:28)  But I often feel alone and believe that I am at the mercy earth, that circumstances and people here rule.  Not true.  Heaven’s purposes are being realized today by God’s army of angels.  He is Lord of the angel armies, after all.

         Angels are around me all the time.  Protecting, singing, bringing messages, soothing, providing.  Upon whose orders are they acting?  The same Jesus who loves me enough to give His life for me.  Now at the right hand of the Father, orders are given to sustain my faith and provide for my needs until I arrive home in heaven one day.  I am not an orphan – left to fend for myself.

         The kingdom realm is meant to be more real to me than the tangible world I can see, taste, and feel.  God connects me to it as He communes with me in my Spirit.  Living in the rich pages of scripture, He unveils the things of the kingdom and opens my eyes to many things that are happening outside of natural vision.  In January of 2007, I prayed, “Lord, open the heavens and show me your glory!”  It was my prayer everyday that year and I will tell you that nothing has been the same since.  Most likely, at this very moment, angels are ascending to the throne on my behalf and then coming back with God’s answer.

I am often consumed by earth and the futility of what happens here.  I want to be consumed by what I can’t see, the stuff of Your world, Jesus.  Amen

Journal Question:  When was the last time you had an experience with the supernatural, God’s kingdom?  Did you see an ‘angel unaware’?  Did you dream?  Did God open your spiritual eyes to something after meditating on scripture?  Revisit that and ask God if there’s something you missed.

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