Holding God In Contempt


Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew, and he ate and drank and rose and went his way.  Thus Esau despised his birthright.  Genesis 25:34

         Why does it often seem that those who appear to have everything think little of it ~ when those who are without would sell their souls to get it?  The one who has it all can think nothing of his blessings.

         Esau was the firstborn.  He would enjoy a double portion of his father’s inheritance.  He would also be the recipient of God’s promises within the covenant.  Instead of standing in awe of these blessings, he thought nothing of them.  He despised everything that came with being the firstborn, including God’s promises for the future.  His cavalier attitude was on full display the day he come in from hunting, smelled Jacob’s stew, and offered to give Jacob his birthright for a portion of the stew.  An even trade?  Not even close.  But the absurdity of the exchange reveals how much he held his birthright in contempt.

         I can read the story, think about Esau’s choice, and mutter “How foolish!”  Yet, holding God in contempt for the promises He has made to me is easy to do.  I’ve done it.  I read a promise and, in a bad moment, shake my head and turn the other way.  “Yeah right, like God is really going to do that for me!”  My contempt causes me to cite the numerous times I feel God didn’t keep His promises. I punished Him by exchanging the benefits of His covenant for the lies of His enemy.

         When it appears that God doesn’t come through for me and, instead, sets the stage for my unbelief, it is time to exercise faith ~ not judgment.  In the dark moments of Jesus life, it could have appeared to Him and everyone close to Him that His Father failed to love, protect, and preserve His life.  Hindsight shows that God had a plan of redemption for His Son and kept every promise to sustain Him.  I cannot judge God by the dark moments of my life either.  That which can cause me to hold God in contempt are the very moments that are shrouded by insufficient spiritual vision.

         You and I are recipients of the same covenant God made with Abraham and all His descendants.  They are staggering because God’s love and favor upon us is staggering.  We should be grabbing each promise and clutching it to our hearts with wonder and humility.  Thanksgiving, not contempt, should mark the demeanor of every blood bought child.

Forgive me for every time I rose up to sift your promises into two piles; those You keep and those You don’t.  Wash away the sin of my unbelief.  Amen

Journal QuestionName one promise God has made to you that you don’t believe.  Can you admit that you’ve allowed experience to dictate your disappointment, anger, and unbelief?  Let faith repair the breech.  Take a new stand about this one promise and ask God to write the beauty of it on your heart.

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2 thoughts on “Holding God In Contempt

  1. When I was very young my parents sent me to Catholic School. Not being catholic i was held in contempt by the bulk of the kids in my class. It was then I was first made to feel ‘lesser than’, a feeling that was made no better when I was sent to Lutheran school where it got exponentially worse. Then life took hold, I have been made to feel lesser than almost daily. I am now a doctor. I’m broke not because I haven’t earned it…I haven’t been paid. I have obligations…people who depend on me…and I’m failing them. Not because I have not earned the money necessary but because some nameless faceless bastard someplace has decided to hold my payments due because they have deemed by services not medically necessary. I’m a doctor of chiropractic…and god has turned his back on me, my profession and seems to be favoring the demonic evil that is embodied by insurance and the Pharmaceutical industry.

    Mysterious ways…they say…I don’t see it that way. I have worked at being ethical…making sure that I do not do anything that could be misconstrued as illegal, much less anything genuinely illegal. My marriage is nearly broken due to the strain this economic BS has caused my family. I think God is playing games with my life. Testing my faith hour by hour day by day minute my minute. Money has been the source of my issue. My father disowned me…my mother disowned me…my wife has stated that she has not divorced me because we cannot afford it. If God works in mysterious way….I’m done with his ‘mystery’. If he wants my faith…my trust…He has to show ME and me alone that I matter and stop testing me so that I am constantly questioning why I even bothered in the first place. My heart is no longer…faithful but full of contempt, anger and god only knows what else. what is certain…He, if he is truly there…if he truly cares…has done his level best to show me how ‘lesser than’ I am to him. If he wants me back…I have to know that what I done for the betterment of my patients…mankind…is at least acknowledged as apposed to being struck down…hammered and destroyed…day in and day out. If gods compassion is what I am experiencing…I’d rather not have it.

  2. Sadly, I think my default response to all of life has been doubt and unbelief. BUT GOD…. the 2 most powerful words I know, has been at work and for this I am grateful. Though I recognized the doubt and unbelief for what they were, I never saw or thought of my attitude as ‘contempt’. That adds a whole new dimension in my mind of how disrespectful, hurtful and offensive I feel and behave towards Abba. Oh, that my mind would be renewed, that He would create in me a pure heart and that I might somehow find the joy He’s promised as He continues His good work in me!

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