Prayer For Rejoicing In A Trial


In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials.  I Peter 1:6

Oh Jesus, you know the story of my life.  I have so often misunderstood your words.  I thought you were cruel.  “Rejoice in the midst of trials?  Really?”  Then, I turned my anger against myself and thought I just couldn’t do anything right.  Thank you for showing me that I had a ‘form of religion without the substance.’  I just needed to connect with your heart, to run to you when the fires were hot.  To experience You as my refuge is to find joy that someone like You is there for me!

You are more than words on a page.  You were literally waiting for me to experience that.  I’m so glad I did.  I love you so much.

Today, you see the struggles so many are facing.  I pray they wrap their arms around you. You don’t turn them away.  Your face is bent down toward them, you lift their heads, look in their eyes and whisper that you are everything they need.  Bring them out from under the umbrella of spiritual abuse, from those who commanded them to rejoice without any trace of compassion.  This was not Your voice.  Restore the breech that was created when Your character was so disfigured through reckless misrepresentation.

I pray that the result of this devotional will be many prayers of rejoicing; rejoicing that they have found You to be their anchor in the storm.  No matter how much life hurts them today, let each of them know the joy of losing themselves in You.  Amen

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