A Prophet and God’s Revelation


Concerning this salvation, the prophets who prophesied about the grace that was to be yours searched and inquired carefully… I Peter 1:10

I have often assumed that a prophet, who was given God’s specific WORD for His people, understood the message he delivered.  With the message came full revelation of its meaning.  Peter makes it clear that this was not the case.  A prophet was often given a WORD, then had to study the scriptures to more fully understand the mystery of what God had given him.  He was like Noah, given a word to build an ark, yet not having any understanding about rain and water tables.  Every piece of wood he cut was an act of faith.

This is quite comforting to me.  I recall, just over the past year, how many times I have been given a WORD from scripture, a picture, a dream, even an impression in prayer that God chose to reveal to me.  Some, I understood more than others.  But each one is still a mystery to be explored.  Each requires study of the scriptures.  Each necessitates a life of prayer to begin to understand the many layers of God’s revelation.  This is not work, this is my joy.

The prophets predicted the coming of a Messiah and faithfully spoke of this event.  The WORD was for the believers who lived in the time of Jesus, thousands of years later.  God reserves the time for full revelation.  I can often receive a promise and strain against the complexity.  I believe that if I fail to fully understand it, that I will miss the blessing of it.  God is the one who gave me His Spirit as a comforter, teacher, and guide.  He holds the timing of continued revelation.  I press in close to hear.  I study, fellowship with other seekers, and do my part.  When God speaks, the WORD may be for today, and it may be for years down the road; even for my descendants.

I will not despair over what I do not yet understand, Lord.  If I think about what You have already made clear, there is enough joy for dancing. Amen


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