Daughters of Promise


And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “And Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness,” and he was called the friend of God.  James 2:23

            There are few things more painful than not being believed.  When I decide to be vulnerable and share a story that is close to my heart, only to be met with a skeptical response, it is like a stab in the heart.  Today, many need to tell their life’s story to someone but are held back by the knowledge that they simply won’t be believed. Unbelief has eroded many a relationship and left one party in the prison of unspoken pain.

            I wonder if God often feels like the spurned storyteller.  He has given me the scriptures that offer me the keys to the kingdom and abundant life.  To partake, all I must do is believe and live in His truth.  Yet, I sift everything He says.  “I can believe this.  I can’t believe that.”  Every time I sin, I reveal the places where I declared, “I can’t believe that.”

            Every place where I feel hopeless, I make a decision to disbelieve a God who delivers.  Every place I am defeated, I choose to believe that Jesus does not really offer victory.  Every time I rehearse my failure, I make a decision to believe that God is too anemic to redeem challenging circumstances.  Every time I wallow in self-condemnation,

I rise up to nullify God’s definition of my identity and nail my own version in place.  Why was Abraham a friend of God?  He chose to believe God.  It did not matter whether or not it seemed believable.  When Abraham couldn’t get his mind around God’s proclamations, he chose to believe anyway, to the point of leaving everything familiar in Ur and leaving for places unknown.

            I want a faith that pleases God.  I want to be called His special friend.  Both will happen as I embrace the many nuances of the Gospel to my heart and declare, “I can’t possibly see how that could be true, but if God says it, I choose to believe it.”  A test of that belief will always be obedience.   As soon as I live in its truth and leave my “Ur” (my familiar, default internal landscape,) I exchange a life lived in the flesh for a life lived in the Spirit.  Perhaps I can be one who causes God to say today, “I love talking to her!”

I have often said, “Children are SO gullible.  They’ll believe anything.”  Exactly, Father.  May that be me whenever You speak.  Amen

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