Daughters of Promise


You boast in your arrogance, all such boasting is evil.  James 4:16

            I’d love to have a count of how many planning meetings happen on Monday mornings; both in business and in ministry.  Those in leadership have, most likely, invested some critical thinking time on issues of strategy and implementation of their ideas.  How much of what will be proposed today has been conceived through prayer?  Little I suspect.  Sadly, that may also be the case when it comes to those who will meet together on behalf of their respective ministries.

            Anytime I make plans for the future and feel confident of my success without any sense of dependence on God, James is clear that I am living dangerously.  My independence is of the kingdom of darkness.  Who am I that I would think I have enough consummate wisdom in and of myself to write my future?  Am I naive enough to believe that my own skillfully formed plans aren’t capable of failing?   If so, then I am out of touch with the numberless casualties that may defeat my schemes.  Life is uncertain and I can’t see from God’s vantage point.  He is Lord of the past, present, and future.  My security rests in my dependence on God.

*  There are personal prayers that must start my day.  “Father God, I give this day to you.  I don’t know what it holds.  You do.  Much will be required of me.  Many decisions will be made as I interact with my family alone.  I bind my mind to yours.  Give me your thoughts, your wisdom.  May nothing I speak be anything other than what Jesus would speak.  As I make decisions that affect our future, let me prayerfully consider your Spirit as I dig deeply for direction.  Amen”

*  There are ministry/business prayers that also begin my day. “Father, this organization is yours. You strategically put me here and gave me this opportunity to shape its future.  I cannot lead without your guidance.  Help me discern your plans for the future.  I bind my mind to yours and loose my mind from any outside influences that are not of you.  Let me hear you speak to the many issues I must touch today.  I submit all plans to you.  Let me sense your approval or disapproval as I make judgment calls.  May what I say, and how I use my pen, be subject to your will alone.  Amen”

I echo Solomon’s prayer today, Lord.  I am but a little child in your kingdom and do not know which way to go.  Give me wisdom.  Amen

3 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Cheryl Chandler says:

    Christine, Just read where your book on the prayers will be available soon. They will make wonderful Christmas gifts, Thank you sooo much for printing them.Blessings to you.

  2. dearhill@sc.rr.com says:

    Your “Critter County” recording many years ago will always be remembered by my three children. As adults with their own young children, each had a CD i was able to purchase released by someone whose name I cannot recall. I need one more (it was lost) for my son who just had his first child. I still sing the songs myself! Have you any idea re: another release of this coveted music? What a wonderful way for children (and their patents) to begin memorizing scripture. Thanks so much, Paula Hill in SC

    1. Regarding Critter County, there may be a re-release but it is in negotiations. Please pray ~ and stay tuned for more information.

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