Daughters of Promise


A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.  James 1:8

            To be double minded is to be unable to hold a fixed belief.  It is to have one part of me acknowledge the truth but another part believe the opposite.  I just can’t make up my mind.  The extent of the battle determines how stable or unstable I am.

           If our relationships are superficial, which describes most of our relationships in the church, most around us never know what’s really going on inside.  We are judged by our cover as we paste on a Christian smile and espouse all the biblically correct axioms.  Oh, it is a lonely war we face.  The unresolved issues that comprise our instability ravage us on the inside.  This is the plague of every Christian unless we take hold of our inner world and examine our thoughts and beliefs by holding them up to the mirror of scripture.  The choice is ours to then defer to God’s reality set forth in His Word or suffer inertia as we fear that what God says can’t be trusted.  This is why David continually preached to his own soul.  Psalm 42 is a great example.

            What does this war sound like on the inside?  Three examples.

            ·    I know God is forgiving but I am afraid it’s not true.  I feel so guilty.  I guess    God must not have forgiven me.

            ·    I know God values the sparrow and promises to clothe the lilies but when I      look at my needs economically, I still obsess about whether or not He can be trusted             to provide for me.

            ·    I know that God is love.  This is primary theology.  Yet, I still feel like Eve.     There’s no way I’m coming out of hiding.  I’ll be exposed, my sin will be on full display, and then there will be no mercy.

            Knowing one thing yet feeling and believing another keeps the bars of my cage in tact.  I shy away from God’s voice, that voice that encourages me to dismantle the bars of my cage, examine them in the disassembly, and ultimately use the timbers to build a dance floor if I choose to live by new kingdom paradigms.

            I’m invited to live in wide-open spaces, in an environment of truth and mercy.  Faith that believes God no matter what ensures that instability will no longer define my way of life.

I want to, wholeheartedly, live in truth, Lord Jesus.  I know there will be battles, moments of instability, but I vow they will be short lived.  Expose all of me to your Word so that I can bring every thought, feeling, and belief into alignment with You.  Amen

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