Daughters of Promise


But let him ask (for wisdom) in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.  James 1:6

            Few scriptures have been more abused, more misunderstood, than this one.  Here’s how it is misused.  I find something I want, could even be something God has done for someone else, and I conjure up enough belief to assume He will do it for me.  When nothing happens, I give myself a pep talk and slap my own hands for wavering.  Then I choose to believe again.  If I surround myself with people who also misunderstand this principle, they will join me in my faith chorus.  “Just have more faith.”

            This scripture is about asking for wisdom.  It is about believing that God will be true to His promise to give wisdom when asked.  To ask in faith, without doubting, is to believe that God will come through with the divine insight I need.  Knowing this will prevent me from bailing out before God speaks and moving ahead with self-generated wisdom.  “Well, God didn’t speak so I’ll just have to move ahead and do the best I can!”  How much of my life have I lived like this!

            Man’s wisdom can be dressed up to sound brilliant, eloquent enough for speeches that move the crowd, but it’s not God’s wisdom.  God is the only One who knows the past, sees the present, and controls the future.  Because His knowledge is inclusive of time, and because He is God, He is the only One qualified to advise.  Only He knows the safe ledges to put my feet on the treacherous climb up the rocky cliffs.

            Last week, I faced some things regarding the future that were overwhelming me.  I took the better part of the week to fast and seek God’s face.  Initially, I didn’t feel I was hearing much but kept a journal nonetheless.  By week’s end, I realized that God had broken through the fog to give clear direction through thirteen revelations.  Half were about me; things I needed to repent of and confess.  The remainder shone a spotlight on the next places to travel on my ministry journey.  I’d be in a totally different place today if I had built my own rudder.  I’d be so far off from where God wants me.  I couldn’t have thought up His intentions no matter how clever I think I am.

            Do you feel like everyone around you is eager to tell you what to do?  Eager to interpret your life and circumstances for you?  Step away.  Seek God.  Know that He will speak and don’t move until He does.

I cannot trust myself but that does not scare me.  You are my Wisdom.  Amen

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Asking In Faith, Not Doubting!

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Christine, I’d like to know more about your fasting and prayer. I could use some clear direction, too! Thanks and God bless.

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