Daughters of Promise


The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.  Romans 16:20

         How does God crush Satan under my feet?  Now, that is a visual! I crush the serpent’s head the same way Jesus did.  This act of subjection was predicted in Genesis.  “You (Jesus) shall crush his head and he shall bruise your heel.”  Gen. 3:15   While Jesus declared that he came to destroy the works of the devil, and he did this through signs and wonders, the actual crushing of Satan’s head didn’t happen until the cross.  Jesus had to give His life as the perfect Lamb in order for Satan’s power to be broken.

         Paul says that I have a similar opportunity to crush Satan under my feet.  How does this happen?  Just as Jesus gave up all rights to his life and came to do His Father’s will, and Satan was crushed, this act of subjection is repeated again and again through me and every child of God.  When I give up all rights to my life and choose righteousness over sin, Satan is crushed.

         Ultimately, Satan must use people to get his work done.  He needs bodies he can control.  As long as I take his bait, I give him free reign on the earth.

         And ultimately, God uses people to get his work done too.  He needs bodies His Spirit can control.  As long as I take His orders, Jesus lives His life through me, yet again, and crushes the enemy beneath my feet.

         So – today I follow Jesus and accomplish powerful warfare in three ways.  1.) I live a life of constant communion with my Father.  2.) I speak the Word into every kingdom clash.  3.I make righteous choices with the grace that God offers me.  Ah, the cumulative effect of an army on the move, all obedient, all prayerful, all speaking the words of God upon the earth puts Satan in his place.  Today, I will not waver.

The grace that kept Jesus all the way to the cross is mine.  How can I know defeat if I rely on you?  Defeat evil through my life today.  Amen

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