Daughters of Promise


Your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent and what is evil.  Romans 16:19

         Do mature Christians need to be concerned about being deceived?  Aren’t they grounded enough in the Word to be past such a threat?  Apparently not.  And if any of us believe we are, we live dangerously.

         As long as I live here on earth, I can be fooled.  Good and evil aren’t always obvious.  The author of evil is so good at deceiving that he can make what is sinister appear holy.

         What is wisdom?  Warren Wiersbe defines it as ‘knowing what to do when there is no biblical precedent.’  Satan is always in the cobwebs.  He weaves webs around the outlines of our Christian lives and mixes in his own brand of what appears to be holy.  His options are never dark-colored but glittering and full of light.

  • He might tell me to stand up for righteousness and discipline a child when grace is called for.
  • He might tell me to take on a role in the church that I am really not called to do.  He is the author of burnout.
  • He might bring a wolf in sheep’s clothing to my church; one whose family looks stellar and whose outward appearance deceives.

    Wisdom is having God’s mind on all things pertaining to my life.  Here’s the crucial point.  No matter how mature I may be in my faith, I do not have the perfect mind of God.  I can’t make judgment calls on my own.

       Ah, but Wisdom lives in me!  I can bind my mind to His, make all things a matter of prayer, ask Him to rise up and speak to me about what is good and what is evil, ask Him to wave red flags when someone or something isn’t right.  When I lack wisdom, He promises to give it.

       The Spirit is the One who promises to define what’s in the shadows.

I’ve made judgment calls on my own and paid dearly.  I thought I assessed things clearly.  Never again.  I need You at every moment to unveil ‘what is’.  Amen

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