Daughters of Promise


So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.  Romans 14:19

         Not a mistake that Paul uses the phrase ‘building up’ for what happens when I love other believers as Jesus would love them.  Not only are they built up on the inside but also the church at large is being built.

         Ultimately, Paul wants me to understand that I am involved in the building process.  And building is not haphazard.  A successful project is only realized when there is a blueprint.  Intentionally sticking with the design is what ensures success.  Each piece of steel, each timber, each footing, must be crafted with care according to the Architect’s plan.

         I am part of our worship team at our church, a fantastic group of singers and musicians.  Just last night I was thinking about the growth of our church and the slowly escalating move of the Spirit.  This is what I saw being played out.  The bass player is undergoing rigorous cancer treatments.  He arrived not feeling well.  We surrounded him and prayed for him.  Another has a son who is toying with occultic involvement.  Again, time for gathering around him to pray.  There was a song that required a solo.  No one had an agenda to have to be the soloist.  Actually, someone in the band who had never sung a solo before was asked to consider doing it.  At then end of the evening, we all loved each other more than when we came.  When we spoke with one another about the worship, there were tears of gratitude for our mutual experience of Christ and the edges of revival we are seeing on the horizon.

         The music program in the church can easily be the Achilles’ heel for a congregation.  Musicians are under great attack, they are more sensitive – good and bad, their egos are easily threatened, and their training and skill level invites arrogance and insecurity.  When actions or words are derived from any of these realities, the church is dis-assembled rather than built up.  The Architect’s design is spurned and thrown to the wind.

         As I interact with other believers today, whether by email, Facebook, Twitter or in person, will my timbers be timbers that build according to God’s plan or will my critical tongue and hellish agenda provide the sledgehammer that tears down a wall that God built?  Every action is loaded with potential.

It’s beautiful when we’re building according to Your plans.  Spread the fever through me.  Amen

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