Uniform Thinking


Live in harmony with one another.  Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly.  Never be wise in your own eyes.  Romans 12:16

            Harmony doesn’t mean keeping the peace and making compromises Jesus wouldn’t make.  He was Wisdom so He knew when to stand in truth and incur a holy division between right and wrong and when to bring factions together that were separated over non-essential issues.

            To have the mind of Christ is to have His thinking on these very issues.  He promises this holy wisdom to any of us who seek it.  Most of our churches know division, quarreling, and standoffs over important and unimportant things.  Leaders wring their hands and lose sleep over the choice of whether to bring harmony (whatever that looks like) or become resolute and let truth do its sifting.

            This dilemma usually brings a cobweb of uncertainty.  Should all the members of a church agree on all theological issues?  No.  The basic doctrines are non-negotiable.  Peripheral issues however should be left to the convictions of each saint who seeks the Spirit for counsel.  A healthy church holds fast to the tenets of the Gospel but encourages diversity on lifestyle, forms of worships, and other such issues.

            I will tell you that I have seen many Christian organizations insist on uniform thinking – all the way around.   They hire people, install board members, and clone themselves quite artfully.  What they forfeit is freedom in the Spirit to change with the times.  While the Gospel never changes, the mediums through which it communicates does.

            Many of you who are reading this are gifted in administration.  You are skilled, naturally, at bringing people together, finding common ground, in order to work together toward a goal.  You are peacemakers. The challenge is to know when harmony is achieved at too great a price; truth was diluted and evil is blurred in order to hold hands.

            Biblical harmony, the kind Paul encourages, is when I love Christ and listen to His Spirit, and you love Christ and listen to His Spirit, and find that our hearts are knitted together in His love and truth.  Any other kind of harmony is quite fragile and ultimately short lasting.

I will guard the relationships where Your harmony exists.  I will also stop trying to patch up what needs to be separated.  Give me Your wisdom.  Amen

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