Can I Rejoice Alone?


Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.  Romans 12:15

            To weep with someone who weeps is far easier than to celebrate with someone who rejoices.  I believe that the one who weeps needs me and the one who rejoices doesn’t.  Feeling needed affirms my value.  Watching another rejoice, and believing they will do so with or without me, can threaten my ego.

            There’s nothing lonelier than celebrating alone.

  • Have you ever shared good news with someone who is jealous of you?  You might have heard, “Well, that must be nice.  I can’t imagine that happening to me!”
  • Have you ever shared good news with someone who is distracted?  They may never even look up from the paper or look away from the television.  “That’s nice,” they say.
  • Have you ever shared good news with someone who was depressed? You probably tempered your joy in the face of their sadness.
  • Have you ever shared good news with someone who needed to shrink the significance of your miracle?  “Be careful you don’t put too much stock in that!  It might not last.”

            Oh, for those who will enter into another’s joy.  I can perceive that I’m not needed but the truth is, perhaps sharing their joy is more important to them than sharing their tears.  While I should not make this scripture an either/or command, I feel led to remind myself this morning that there are those who are rejoicing alone.  I can believe that they don’t need me.  They do!  Their rejoicing could be turned to sorrow and bitterness as they wonder, “Why isn’t anyone happy for me?”  That always leads to, “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”

            So, take someone out to lunch to celebrate God’s blessing.  Bring them a cupcake and light a candle.  Send a card.  Make a telephone call.  Hug them tightly and cry for joy.  I can’t assume others will flood them with these gestures.  Just maybe they are alone.  What should be a cause for a party might become the catalyst for their rejection.  Whether they weep, or sing, I want them to know they’re not alone.

If I withhold my joy from someone You have chosen to bless, I really have a problem with You.  The next time I’m stingy, help me work this out in prayer.  Amen

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