The Spiritual Law of Proportions


They sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind.  Hosea 8:7

    The relationship between sowing and reaping is a most interesting dynamic.  The proportions change dramatically between the former and the latter.  We sow one amount but reap another.  The ‘seeds’ of our actions are compounded so that what we reap is an exaggeration of what we sowed. I know this to be true.  Don’t you?

    I have been careless to sow some unrighteous seeds in my lifetime.  Ideas were birthed in private, in my thought life.  No one even knew but me that such thoughts existed.  Eventually, these thoughts germinated, took on a life of their own, and I began to act out what had once been only thoughts.  When I finally reaped the consequences, it seemed that I was living in a firestorm.  “How could this little thing cause so much trouble,” I wondered?  

    The dynamics are the same when I sow godly seeds.  When God has graciously worked through my hands to extend an act of love on His behalf, it has often come back to bless me tenfold.  Showing compassion to a young kid in seminary can yield a strategic opportunity for ministry in this man’s church two decades later.  I’ve seen this principle work time after time.

    The question we face today is this ~ “What kind of whirlwind do we want to experience?”  Having experience two kinds of whirlwinds, I can tell you which kind appeals to me.  Sowing righteous seeds.

    I have finally come to cherish the things God births.  In the womb of His Spirit, these seeds are watered through prayer before they become righteous deeds.  But oh, the ripple effects.  God gets so much mileage out of a single act of obedience.  Each one is as a river that breaks off to form many tributaries.  Living Water flows out in multiple directions and brings eternal life to whatever it touches.  The effect of a whirlwind indeed.

Little is much when Your hand touches it.  I commit this day to You.  Multiply righteous seeds, Father.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

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