They did not cry out to Me with their heart when they wailed upon their beds. Hosea 7:14

    Is God compassionate?  Yes.  Is He moved enough by my pain to alleviate it?  Not always.  Oftentimes, He waits to see what kind of tears I cry.  Before you conclude that I am inferring that God is not compassionate, consider today’s scripture.

I live in a world that is governed by the laws of sowing and reaping.  Whatever I sow will generate consequences.  If I live righteously, there will be blessing.  If I sin, there will be painful repercussions.  Given enough pain, my tears begin to fall.  I’m aware that many of my tears have been wasted because they were angry tears.  I was mad at God for letting me down, or so I perceived.  Other tears were rooted in self-pity.  I wanted God’s sympathy for my plight though my choices were the catalyst for my imprisonment.  The fact that I cried was not what was most important to God.

Believers and unbelievers both weep when their discomfort is great.  God’s issue with Israel is that their tears failed to come from a right heart response.  The reason for their weeping was to get relief, not restoration with the One they sinned against.

I’m not insinuating that all pain is self-inflicted by sin.  But the kind that is generated by our disobedience and rebellion, God is most concerned about our heart’s response, not the fact that we are in agony.  He longs to bless us, longs to restore, but He can’t do that without a repentant heart.  Hot, angry tears against our prison bars or even against ourselves are not the kind that unlock doors to a new beginning.  Looking into the tender face of a Father who feels heartbroken over our wanderings, and allowing the pain of that betrayal to unearth tears, is the only way God is moved.

When I cry, may I hear you ask me, “Why are you crying?”  I promise to answer honestly.  When I’ve sinned, I pray my answer will be.. “Because I hurt You by what I did.”  Amen

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