Let your steadfast love come to me, O Lord, your salvation according to your promise.  Psalm 119:41

It’s easy to love others when their lives are going well, when the needs are low.  Let their needs rise and love is tested.  To walk beside them during their toughest times takes steadfastness.  You can absolutely spend yourself on their behalf on a given day, make a real difference, then go to bed that night and think, “Whew! Now they’re finally set.” But then the next day, the needs are just as great so you can spend it all again.  It is exhausting and discouraging. That’s because we’re human.

The one who cried out in today’s scripture knows that God doesn’t view him as humans do. He isn’t afraid to ask for deliverance.  He doesn’t wring his hands over a possible rejection.  He may have asked for it a dozen times the day before but he knows that God’s love is steadfast.  That means that God’s love doesn’t even flicker in indecision when requests reach His ears.  He never winces, draws in His breath, and wishes a certain child would go away for a day.  In fact, He gives all of His children a blanket invitation to ask for more.  “You have not because You ask not.”

I have a relationship with a heavenly Father who celebrates when I need Him.  He’s not afraid of me.  Though I have the potential to wear out my friends with a mis-placed need, I will never wear out God.  He loves it when I depend on Him.  The more I need Him, the better He likes it.  In fact, He points out in scripture that I actually need Him more than I think I do.  He invites complete dependence.

Today, my needs are much the same as yesterday.  Some challenges didn’t disappear overnight.  I’m working my way through them.  But though my prayers for help and for grace may sound nearly identical to yesterday’s, God feels as tender towards me today as the first time I ever needed Him.  He smashes all human relationship paradigms.

Thank you, great Father, for new mercy every morning.  In whatever ways I will need You today, I am not afraid to ask.  Amen

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