Mis-judged Kingship

MIS-JUDGED KINGSHIP Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again into the hills by himself.  John.6: 15 After Jesus fed five thousand people, He was so extremely popular that the crowd wanted to hail Him as King.  But … Continue reading Mis-judged Kingship

The Danger Of Miracles

THE DANGER OF MIRACLES Rabbi, when did you get here?  John 6:25 Jesus intended to go to Capernaum.  Getting there meant crossing a body of water.  The only boat available for passage, however, had left hours ago with His disciples in it.  Jesus is not … Continue reading The Danger Of Miracles


WRITTEN IN 1997- The year God dismantled my world and started rebuilding me from scratch to the glory of His grace. WINTER I was born in winter and died the same year. A heart can't grow in stark sterility. Any chance of life beneath the … Continue reading BIRTH AND REBIRTH