“And, who is he, sir, that I may believe in him?”  Jesus said to him, “You have seen him, and it is he who is speaking to you.”  He said, “Lord, I believe.”  And he worshipped him.  John 9:36-38

True believing in Jesus is to see His glory, repent, and worship Him above all else and all others.  It is to make Him my supreme treasure.  To sin is to value something above the value I place on Jesus.

The blind man that Jesus healed didn’t worship Jesus because He had healed him.  He worshipped Him when Jesus revealed Himself and he understood the identity of the person with whom he was speaking.

The word ‘believe’ can trip many people up.  If asked if they believe in Jesus, they quickly say yes.  They believe that He was God’s Son, even that He was God.  But it’s admitted with a casual shrug of the shoulders.  Has that intellectual assent changed their lives?  In many cases, no.  Is that true belief?  Probably not.  Satan knew who Jesus was, even knew scripture well enough to quote major sections of it, yet he was an enemy of King Jesus.  He had long stopped worshipping God and exalted Himself.

The conversation with the blind man happened just after the man had stood up for Jesus in the temple.  He had been so bold in his testimonial that he was excommunicated.  Cast out of the temple, Jesus went looking for him and found him.

Nothing can separate me from Christ’s love.  Not a person, not a government, not a church, not a clergyman.  When I cling to Christ and wrap my arms tightly around my Savior, I am never cast out.  I may be shunned by men, but Jesus will always receive me.  When I pay a price for love and commitment, the Spirit of Jesus seeks me out as He did the blind man.  Though, at times, I will be asked to pay dearly for my faith, I am never without comfort and companionship.  Jesus sees me when I’m spurned and is right there to minister to the wound.  If I’m off the beaten path, trying to recover from the hurts others inflict, Jesus is a friend to the friendless.

I am Yours, You are mine.  When I’m feeling forgotten, You are right there.  I’m never out of Your sight and I rest in Your caring ways.  Amen

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