The Nature of Exegetical Teaching


Exegetical teaching is one where the teacher takes a passage of scripture and teaches it verse by verse.  There are two ways to do this.  1.) From a scholarly point of view and, 2.) From a scholarly point of view with an equal emphasis on personal application. Continue reading “The Nature of Exegetical Teaching”

Dreams of Eloquence

Eloquence is a style of speaking or writing that is pleasing to the senses to the one listening or reading the words.  It has no aim, no goal, but consists of just gratuitous words. Is eloquence good or bad?  It depends on who it serves.

A bad eloquence has entered the church and characterized the pulpit.  My husband and I, early in our marriage, sat under the teaching of someone who made it his aim to be clever with biblical concepts.  He wanted to be memorable.  He thrived on others feedback that praised his ‘unique twists and turns’ throughout the pages of God’s Word.  His sermons became all about him having an audience, not about being a mouthpiece for God’s glory.  Not surprisingly, there seemed to be little spiritual growth under his influence over the years he served.  But oh, he was popular!  People came to be entertained by his eloquence.  He grew to have a reputation for being a wordsmith. Continue reading “Dreams of Eloquence”