A Smear Campaign

Judgment will again be founded on righteousness, and all the upright in heart will follow it.  Psalm 94:15

Love and trust are the foundations of any relationship.  If either one is destroyed, a deep fracture threatens the future of that connection.  

Our enemy knows how relationships work.  He knows that if I’m secure in my Father’s love, I am dangerous to his evil enterprise.   I will burn brightly for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  I will give my life without much thought.  How can he win against such undying loyalty?  By devising a smear campaign. He levels accusations against God that make perfect sense to me if I rely on logic and circumstantial evidence to determine my perspective.  

There have been times in my life when God ‘appeared’ to be guilty. Satan had rallied his troops. Questions about God’s goodness came at me and tormented me.  Instead of shunning them, I fed them.  Distrust grew and weeds overtook the landscape of my heart and choked out all remnants of my faith.  

There was a cure.  When prayers weren’t answered the way I thought they should be, I had to be willing to stand in the truth that whatever God’s reason, He was still trustworthy.  In a climate of disappointment and against the backdrop of perceived damning evidence, the Holy Spirit fanned the winds of faith across the panorama of my faithlessness.  He inspired belief instead of doubt. 

My love for God is in tact and I’ve learned that love is more than feelings.  Love has an iron will that is fueled by faith.  I trust God even though His glorious resolution to my problems are out of my range of vision. 

Lord, the foundation of my faith rests upon the pillars of Your righteousness. Amen

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