Keeping God Company

My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law.  Psalm 119:136

We know firsthand the pain of watching others reject God.  We get physically sick as we seem them live on the edge of an abyss, and eventually shipwreck.  We ache as they languish without the Word, as we witness every part of them growing more sickly.  We would give anything to see them come to the One who wants to bring shalom to their brokenness.

Just as I hurt, God hurts.  In today’s scripture, it’s hard to know whether David cries for the people who break God’s law or for God, Himself, as He watches people break it. Can I begin to imagine how deeply God feels when someone He loves rejects Him?  I know He hasn’t adopted a casual attitude of indifference.  Throughout scripture, God chooses to be the engaging, heartbroken Father who watches sin impact the ones He loves.  It’s quite moving that David wants to sit with God and weep with Him over the ways He is hurting.

Just as I knock on the door of someone I love to grieve with them over a crippling loss, David visits God.  We just went through an Easter season.  I tried to keep in mind that God remembers what it was like to watch His Son die.  Am I willing to remember with Him?  He’s watching the world He made slowly erode and groan for His redemption.  He’s watching the church of this age mingle their affections with the stuff of Babylon.  Surely, each of His children can somehow soothe the ragged edges of His heart today over that.  Think of it.  Because of His desire for our company, He’s chosen to be affected by whether or not we share our heart or withhold it.

Bendetti, the 13th century hymn writer, was one day found weeping in public.  When asked the reason for his tears, he said… “I weep because Love goes about unloved.”

I sit with You today, Abba Father.  Amen

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