Picture The Reunion

They came into Egypt, Jacob and all his offspring with him. Genesis 46:6

Jacob and his entire family are walking in the desert toward Egypt. There are several hundred of them. Jacob is out in front. He is old, slowly plodding along with the help of a cane and a son on each side. His face is determined but the weariness of such a long journey is evident in his gait.

Meanwhile, Joseph is leaving the gates of Egypt in a royal entourage. In the chariot with him are his two sons, both under the age of ten. They come to the crest of a hill that overlooks the desert floor below. The dust settles and as it does, the scene of several hundred nomads in the distance fill his view. Joseph knows who they are. Though a mile away, Joseph cannot wait. He drives his chariot at breakneck speed downward into the valley.

As he nears his father, his horses are recklessly pulled to a stop. Joseph jumps out, sees his father a few dozen feet away, and is overcome. He loses all strength and crumbles to his knees. Jacob rushes to him and draws his head into the folds of his tunic. “My son. Praise be to God. My son!”  Jacob finally looks up to see two young boys in Joseph’s chariot. “These are your sons, my grandchildren? “Come!” Jacob says. “Come, so I may bless you.” He speaks prophetic words over each boy and kisses the tops of their heads. Everyone understands that God brought them to Egypt to save their lives. There will be a season of joy ahead.

I can never think about this reunion without being moved. And I can never picture it without thinking of the reunion that is coming between Jesus and me. It will far surpass this one.

I’ve only caught a nuance of how you feel about me. I get a sense of it each time we talk in prayer, but I’ll see the full effect at our reunion. The pleasure of my company that you describe in Scripture humbles me, Lord. Amen

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