The Path To Contentment

The spirit of their father Jacob revived. And Israel said, “It is enough; Joseph my son is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.” Genesis 45:27b-28

It’s surprising how, with Christ, my heart can be content. Jacob was so elated with the news that Joseph was alive that he was willing lay all other hurts aside and focus on the joy of seeing his son again. The joy of being reunited with Joseph eclipsed the pain of all else that had taken place before.

Over the course of my life, I have celebrated God’s goodness and celebrating was always easy.  I have also grieved losses and grieving was never easy.  It was messy and involved learning to adapt to a life without the person for whom I was grieving.  I had to be willing to go with God into a future that was vastly different than what I had known.  Only the Holy Spirit could help me to embrace it and to learn to be content. 

Ron and I were so impressed recently by our neighbor.  She had to leave her home of forty-three years to enter an assisted living facility. She grieved over all the familiar things she would have to leave behind. There was a period of sadness.  With time, God helped her focus on the handpicked things she was able to take with her to her new home. They were the things she cherished the most.  God gave her the grace to settle in new surroundings and find contentment.

It is human nature to look at what we have lost rather than what we have left. We want what we once had so much that we overlook the treasures still in our hands. God will help us re-align and re-adjust. Grieving the losses gives us an opportunity to lift our eyes to what is eternal. We find comfort, and then we find joy, as we embrace the promises of God for the future. Only God’s perspective can lead us from the throes of self-pity and bitter tears.

When we think our hands are empty, God shows us that they are, indeed, still full.  They are full of blessings we couldn’t see before now. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to understand that the child of God is never without riches ~ even in the worst of times.

Change is certain. Security is also certain with You as my Father. Show me what is in my hands. Amen

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