Generalizations Are Unacceptable

We said to my lord, ‘The boy cannot leave his father, for if he should leave his father, his father would die.’ Then you said to your servants, ‘Unless your youngest brother comes down with you, you shall not see my face again.’ Genesis 44:22-23

When I want peace badly enough, it’s easy to abandon God’s way to get it. I’ll take shortcuts to protect my pride. I’m much like Joseph’s brothers who wanted to do anything Joseph asked ~ except to go get Benjamin. They knew that if they agreed to do that, the sins of their past would be unearthed.

Joseph modeled the character of God as He required full and honest confession from his brothers. He was like God at that moment because it is a steep requirement for us as well as we go to great lengths to self-preserve our fragile egos. God will not settle for a watered down, generalized, admission of sin.  “Lord, I’ve done some things I regret,” does not suffice. “What specifically have you done,” He asks.Unless I’m humble enough to give a full disclosure, peace will elude me.  Sins are always specific ~ so must be my confessions.  For an unbeliever, eternity is at stake while they play with His terms.

God’s pathway to peace is through the cross. The way is steep – as evidenced by the fact that it cost Jesus His life. He asks for something steep in return. I’m required to face the full extent of my sin, own it, and ask for forgiveness. Prideful excuses abound in my heart but shouldn’t the One I’ve offended be the One who decides what it will require to make peace? God is the only One trustworthy to make this weighty decision. The terms are based on holiness and yet, they are driven by perfect love as well.

When I come on Your terms, it’s good for me.  And surprisingly, it’s healing. Amen

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